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Discover Bulgaria, buy a property by the sea and enjoy your retirement.

You know, sometimes dreams are much closer than we think. For many, retirement is imminent or perhaps already here. And what if I told you that the dream of a home by the sea in Sunny Beach, Nessebar or Sveti Vlas in Bulgaria is not as unattainable as it seems?

The magic of Bulgaria’s coasts

Imagine that: Getting up in the morning and listening to the sound of the sea as the sun slowly rises over the horizon. In Bulgaria, this is not a dream, it’s a reality. The coasts of Sunny Beach, Nessebar and Sveti Vlas are simply breathtaking. The crystal-clear water, the soft sandy beach – it’s like paradise.

Why Bulgaria? Why now?

You’re probably wondering why Bulgaria? Well, apart from the natural beauty, Bulgaria offers so much more. The cost of living is low, the weather is glorious, and the best thing? The real estate market is just right for people who want to enjoy retirement. It’s time to think about yourself, buy real estate by the sea and find that well-deserved peace and quiet.

The dream of an apartment by the sea

Yes, you heard right. An apartment by the sea is a dream that many people cherish. And the best thing is, it could come true. Buying a property by the sea in Bulgaria is easier than you think. The idea of waking up every morning with a view of the turquoise blue water is something to look forward to, isn’t it?

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The best times to enjoy the apartment

From May to the end of October, you can usually expect beautiful weather in Bulgaria. Plenty of sunshine and pleasant temperatures – perfect for enjoying your apartment by the sea to the full. The winter months can get a bit cold, with temperatures dropping as low as -2 degrees. So perhaps it’s worth considering using the apartment primarily in the warmer months and spending the winter months elsewhere.

Buying real estate by the sea – step by step

Let me tell you something: Buying a property by the sea in Bulgaria is not rocket science. From finding the perfect apartment to handling the purchase, we are happy to assist you. We have a large selection of apartments in Sveti Vlas, Nessebar and Sunny Beach and are happy to help you find the right apartment. We work with a German-speaking lawyer who checks all the paperwork of the apartment before the purchase to ensure a quick and smooth process.

The living community

You will be surprised to learn that many German seniors have already settled in Sveti Vlas, Nessebar and Sunny Beach. And you know what? This makes it all the easier to feel at home here! The community is warm and welcoming. There are so many people here who share the same dream of living by the sea. Meeting new people is child’s play, and the best thing is that these encounters often develop into wonderful friendships. Whether it’s a morning stroll along the beach or meeting up in the local cafés, it’s easy to feel at home and make new friends in these wonderful surroundings.

Why wait? Now is the time!

Sometimes we think we should wait for the perfect moment. But you know what? The perfect moment is now. The sea is calling and the sun is waiting to greet you. It’s time to realize these retirement dreams and enjoy life to the full.

Let’s be honest, retirement is supposed to be the best years of your life, right? Why shouldn’t we make the best of it? Buying a property by the sea in Bulgaria could be just what we need to truly appreciate this time.

So, let’s make your dream come true so that you can enjoy your retirement by the sea in Bulgaria. It’s time to open this chapter and live the life we’ve always dreamed of.

Please contact us and we will find you the perfect apartment.

See you soon on the sunny beach in Bulgaria!

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