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Why Bulgaria is perfect as a real estate investment, emigration and relaxation destination

Bulgarien ist perfekt für Immobilieninvestition Auswanderungs oder als Entspannungsort

Modern life can quickly become overwhelming with its impermanence, endless stream of obligations and never-ending to-do list. If you’ve ever thought about escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life and setting off on a new adventure, emigrating could be the solution. And if looking for a place that offers not only breathtaking nature and fascinating culture, but also has low cost of living and is an oasis of relaxation, then we must talk about Bulgaria.

Just relax and escape busy life

The hectic rhythms of modern life often leave little room to breathe. But Bulgaria has a different idea of time. Here, the clocks tick more slowly and people appreciate moments of tranquility. Whether you are exploring the charming towns or walking on the golden beaches of the Black Sea, you will soon be captivated by the relaxed atmosphere.

Moreover, Bulgaria is a jewel for mountain lovers and attracts with an abundance of breathtaking mountain landscapes. Here adventurers can hike in untouched nature and discover the fascinating flora and fauna.

wunderschöne bulgarische Strände

The serenity of the locals is contagious, and you’ll quickly learn that it’s okay to slow down and enjoy life to the fullest.

The cost of living in Bulgaria is low despite good quality

Bulgaria has become a popular destination for expatriates, not least because of its affordable cost of living. According to statistics, people living in Bulgaria spend, on average, about 50% less on food, accommodation, and leisure activities than in other European countries. Food – Kaufland, Lidl and organic markets exist as in Germany.

Leisure activities – large shopping centers in cities, many beautiful parks, swimming pools, tennis, golf, cinema, horse riding facilities, etc.

Recreational activities for children – many free, well-equipped playgrounds, fun pools and amusement parks.

Beauty treatments – As far as beauty treatments are concerned, women are perfectly served here. You get good quality for half the price. Whether you need facials, hairdresser or massages, Bulgaria offers perfect services for little money.

Doctors – Bulgaria has excellent medical professionals, especially the dentists are known for top quality at reasonable prices. There are even doctors who speak German (we will be happy to share a list with you if needed).

Different costs in comparison: Please note that the prices are only approximate estimates, as the prices within Bulgaria can also differ. In cities you pay more, in villages, for example, restaurant prices are much lower.

We compare here Munich and Varna (city by the sea).

Electricity costs in Varna are about 2-3 times cheaper than in Munich.

Restaurant prices – depending on the restaurant up to 2.5 times lower than in Munich.

Beauty, Wellness to 2.5 times cheaper than in Munich.

Low taxes, stable economy and EU membership

Since 2007 Bulgaria is a member of the European Union and has a stable economy. The country’s positive development has led to a growing real estate market that attracts both local and international investors. By buying a property in Bulgaria, you will benefit from the country’s economic opportunities and can achieve a solid return on investment in the long term. With only 10%, Bulgaria has the lowest income and corporate tax rate in Europe.

Much more sunshine and mild winters on the Black Sea (Varna, Balchik, Dobrich, Burgas etc.)

The Black Sea region has subtropical climate with sunny summers and mild winters. According to statistics, Bulgaria has about 2300 hours of sunshine per year compared to Germany with only 1600 hours.

Varna viel Sonnenschein

Average temperatures in winter are usually between 3°C and 10°C.

Now if you compare, for example, temperatures in Munich and Varna, it becomes clear that winter is much warmer here.

The days are also longer in winter than in Munich, and there are more hours of sunshine.

Average temperatures in the winter months(December, January, February)

Varna to +9 °C

Munich to -3 °C

So you can enjoy the Black Sea region even in winter

Safe country with beautiful culture

In terms of security, Bulgaria is in an excellent position. Whether you want to explore the lively streets of Sofia, relax on the beautiful Black Sea beaches, or hike in the sublime mountains, Bulgaria always proves to be a reliable and welcoming country. Of course, pickpocketing may occur in large crowds or on public transportation. But this is rarely the case.

Bulgaria, as an emerging destination in Eastern Europe, has made impressive progress in recent years in terms of the Global Peace Index. The country’s government and society have worked together to create a peaceful environment for locals and visitors. The country’s low crime rate, noticeable police presence, and growing tourism industry are factors that help it rise in the GPI’s rankings. If you compare Bulgaria in 2023 with other countries like Greece, Spain or Cyprus, you do much better there.

The fascinating culture of Bulgaria, characterized by the Orthodox religion, also makes this country interesting. Bulgaria’s culture is a fascinating blend of history, traditions and vibrant diversity. The rich past is reflected in the art, music, architecture and customs. Orthodox religion plays a central role and shapes everyday life and festivities. Traditional dances and music are an expression of joy and community spirit. Handicrafts such as embroidery and ceramics show the creativity and dedication of the people. In the picturesque villages and historic towns of Bulgaria you can experience this culture first hand.

Bulgarien ist ein sicheres Land mit schöner Kultur

Delightful Delicacies: the variety of delicious Bulgarian cuisine

Bulgarian cuisine is a culinary journey through history and flavors. With influences from the Mediterranean, Turkey and Eastern Europe, it offers a rich variety of flavors and dishes.

A highlight is the versatile use of fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers in salads like the famous “Shopska”. Bulgaria is known for its delicious grilled dishes, including “kebapche” (minced meat rolls) and “kufte” (meatballs), often served with yogurt and spicy sauces. An absolute must is “Banitsa”, a savory puff pastry with fillings like cheese or spinach. The sweet side of Bulgarian cuisine is also tempting, with desserts like “baklava” and “kadaif” to tantalize the palate. A cup of fragrant “mocha” coffee completes any meal. Food culture in Bulgaria is characterized by hospitality and community, with food often being an occasion for socializing. Bulgarian cuisine offers not only culinary delights, but is also a window into the cultural warmth and tradition of the country.

Verlockende Gaumenfreuden Bulgarien

Why the Black Sea region of Bulgaria is the ideal place for golfers and tennis lovers

The Black Sea region of Bulgaria is a true treasure for golfers and tennis players looking for new challenges and first-class experiences.

This region offers an abundance of world-class golf courses that are appreciated by discerning professionals to amateur golfers. Here you can expect a mixture of challenging courses and breathtaking landscapes. Imagine perfecting your tee shot on gentle fairways while the shimmering Black Sea sparkles in the background. The mild temperatures during the golf season make the game even more enjoyable, and the opportunity to make new friends with like-minded people is an added bonus.

Tennis lovers are also well served here. One of the best things about the Black Sea region is its mild climate, which makes it possible to play tennis all year round. Winters are mild and summers are pleasantly warm, which means you can swing your tennis rackets virtually anytime. Whether you’re a fan of hard courts or clay, you’ll find tennis courts in this region that are just right for your style of play.

If tennis is your passion and you are looking for a new adventure, the Black Sea region in Bulgaria is definitely a good choice for you.

Bulgarien ist perfekt für Tennis Liebhabe

The Black Sea Coast: The Perfect Region for Golfing

The Black Sea in Bulgaria is undoubtedly an idyllic destination for golf lovers and offers a plethora of reasons why this region is perfect for golfers. As a golf enthusiast who has visited many golf courses on the Black Sea coast and met German players, I can testify from my own experience why this area is a paradise for golfers.

1. world class golf courses

The quality of the golf courses along the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria is first class. One of the outstanding examples is the Golf Resort in Balchik. This course’s location on the spectacular cliffs of the Black Sea offers not only a challenging round of golf, but also breathtaking views of the shimmering waters that captivate golfers.

2. varied golf courses

One of the remarkable features of the golf courses in Bulgaria is their versatility. Here golfers will find courses suitable for players of all levels. From challenging championship courses to less challenging courses ideal for beginners, there is a wide range of options.

3. pleasant climate

The mild Mediterranean climate along Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast is a big plus for golfers. Summers are sunny and warm, without the extreme hot spells that can occur in some other Gulf destinations. This allows golfers to play all year round in ideal conditions and live out their passion.

Die Schwarzmeerküste Die Perfekte Region für Golfspielen

4. affordable prices

Bulgaria has the advantage of being more affordable compared to some other European golf destinations. Green fees, accommodations and meals are often less expensive, making golfing in Bulgaria an attractive proposition for golfers who value quality and affordability.

5. beautiful landscape

The surroundings of the golf courses in Bulgaria are known not only for golfing, but also for the natural beauty. Many golf resorts are surrounded by picturesque forests and offer breathtaking views of the Black Sea. The game of golf here becomes a visual and sensual pleasure while you enjoy the scenery between shots.

6. cultural experiences

Bulgaria offers not only excellent golf, but also rich cultural experiences. After a round of golf, you will have the opportunity to explore historical cities like Varna or Nessebar. Here you can experience the fascinating Bulgarian culture, history and cuisine and get in touch with the locals. This blend of golf and culture adds an extra dimension to your trip.

In conclusion, the Black Sea in Bulgaria is a real jewel for golf lovers. The quality of the golf courses, the pleasant climate, the affordable prices and the breathtaking surroundings make this region a perfect place to enjoy your passion for golf. As someone who has personally experienced the joys of golf in Bulgaria and met many other golfers from around the world, I can say with confidence that Bulgaria is an outstanding golf destination to explore.

Attention winter lovers!

If you are looking for an exciting yet cozy place to ski, you should definitely consider Bansko in Bulgaria. This picturesque town at the foot of the stunning Pirin Mountains has become a popular destination for skiers and snowboarders.

Winterliebhaber aufgepasst Bansko Bulgarien

Bansko is a jewel in Bulgaria’s ski landscape, offering an impressive combination of challenging slopes and a charming atmosphere. The slopes in Bansko stretch over 70 kilometers and offer skiing opportunities for all levels, from beginners to experienced professionals. Whether you want to enjoy the gentle slopes or face the thrill of steep descents, Bansko has something for every type of skier.

The modern ski resort of Bansko has first-class facilities, including modern lifts, well-groomed slopes and excellent snow, which usually lasts from December to April.

What makes Bansko so popular are the prices for ski passes, cheap accommodation and good restaurants.

Maybe later you will decide to buy an apartment or a house here, we will be glad to help you.

Buying a property in Bansko can prove to be an extremely wise decision, whether as a long-term investment or as your personal retreat for unforgettable vacation experiences. Bansko, nestled in the majestic peaks of the Pirin Mountains, attracts visitors all year round who want to enjoy both skiing in winter and hiking and outdoor activities in summer.

Renting out your property during the ski season can be a profitable source of income that offers stable long-term returns. The attractiveness of Bansko as a year-round destination further contributes to the fact that you will find tenants all year round. But not only investors benefit from real estate in Bansko. As the proud owner of a vacation home, you have the privilege of enjoying the charm and beauty of this region in every season.

Here you can find current real estate in Bansko.

Generally speaking, if you are looking for a place where you can enjoy life to the fullest without breaking your budget, Bulgaria could be your answer. Here, luxury is not reserved only for the elite.

In short, Bulgaria is the place where you can experience a high quality of life at affordable prices.

If you have decided to make a real estate investment in Bulgaria, contact us. We will be glad to help you.

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