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Now you have found a nice property and would like to buy it. What’s next?

Buying real estate in Bulgaria is quite simple. It usually takes only one month from the preliminary contract to the receipt of the title deed and thus the transfer into your possession.

In order to make the purchase of the property as smooth as possible, we work with professionals, including translators and lawyers, who are responsible for ensuring that every aspect of your property purchase in Bulgaria is carried out properly and in a timely manner.

Partners with whom we cooperate

Our partner attorneys, who have years of professional experience, will provide you with information about all the documents you need. Real estate registers are also checked for existing land encumbrances.

In addition, the responsibility for the preliminary execution of contracts and notarial deeds is assumed by lawyers. All accompanying documentation, declarations and valuations for tax purposes regarding the real estate are prepared and complete legal representation in the notary procedure is provided.

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